Broken Web Parts

Have you ever had a web-part that started creating errors that wouldn’t allow you to get to your page for editing it? Here’s a cool little tip that might get you up and going with much less frustration.

Append ?contents=1 to the end of your URL for the page that contains your problematic web part. This will take you to the web-parts management page that will allow you to remove the troublesome web-part from the page.


Training Site Template Available for Download

As promised, here is the training site template available for download. Please be advised that this file is for demonstration purposes only. I am making it available to the community as an educational resource only, and therefore offer no support for the actual installation and use of the template.

TrainingSiteTemplate on SkyDrive.

Known Issues

  1. Opening in SharePoint Designer shows as unable to render.
    I have no idea why this happens, but hopefully it will be addressed by Microsoft at some time. The error message is non-descriptive at best and makes it difficult to troubleshoot.
  2. Web Part Connections have been removed
    In the original template, all of the items made use of web part connections to filter the main list of training resources. I continuously received error messages when provisioning a new site with established web part connections. I believe this may be another short-fall of SharePoint designer, as this has been my experience no matter how many different SharePoint deployments I’ve used.

Please feel free to comment on your experiences with this site definition. I hope it helps you envision a plan for your own templates and zero-code solutions.