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Updating InfoPath DataSources

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In a recent project, I was getting frustrated with InfoPath not executing validation rules properly after I had added a new node to the Main Data Source. In effect, over 50 items would not be able to be updated because the data validation would always fail.

After some investigation, I discovered a setting in the Form Options > Versioning screen that allowed me to either automatically upgrade the form when opened or allow the user to upgrade the form. Setting this to automatic corrected my issue and allowed the business users to continue working as normal.


Author: Chris Quick

I have been a developer of web based solutions since early 2001 delivering solutions to a wide array of organizations using ASP, ASP.NET and SharePoint. I was introduced to SharePoint in 2003 when the consulting firm I worked for at the time introduced it into the workplace. I began working with MOSS 2007 as soon as Microsoft released the RTM version in November 2006. The platform was implemented at the organization I worked for in 2007 and went live in March of that year. I was tasked with the administration and ongoing development of the platform. I currently work as a SharePoint Architect with Artis Consulting, developing solutions for a wide variety of business problems. The goal of this blog is to share my discoveries developing solutions with SharePoint. I welcome your comments and feedback to any post -- and I welcome suggestions for future topics.

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