SharePoint Conference Breakout Sessions

For those of you interested, here is a list of the breakout sessions I’m planning to attend:

Session Title: Creating Beautiful and Engaging Web Sites with SharePoint 2010
Session Code: SPC216
Speaker(s):  Randy  Drisgill , John  Ross
Presented By: MVP
Level: 200
Abstract: The process of building, branding and delivering a beautiful web site is more than just skin deep. In this session we will walk you through best practices for planning, creating and deploying engaging web sites with SharePoint 2010. We will also share best practices around the branding process with lessons learned and examples from real world SharePoint branding projects.
Session Title: Got iPads, Android tablets, smart phones and Windows devices? Managing Office 2010 endpoints in an Interoperable and multi-device World
Session Code: SPC350
Speaker(s):  Jeremy  Chapman
Presented By: Microsoft
Level: 300
Abstract: For your organization to take the best advantage of SharePoint, your users need the power of the Office 2010 Suite.  Desktop IT pros are faced with several methods to deliver Microsoft Office to client computers. Office offers a wide range of deployment options, ranging from the well proven setup program MSI installation to VDI, terminal services, and application virtualization. However, rarely does just one method meet the needs of an entire organization. This session discusses approaches to delivering Office 2010 to your users, from UI and access considerations to deployment methods and extensibility. We show you how to merge on-premises, Microsoft Office 365 cloud and web services environments highlighting potential impacts to your network performance and data security.
Session Title: Developing and Extending Enterprise Content Management features
Session Code: SPC406
Speaker(s):  Paul Swider
Presented By: Partner
Level: 400
Abstract: Do you know how to fully leverage the rich set of APIs SharePoint provides for building new features or extending existing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) features?  The ECM programming model can be used to extend the functionality and create custom document management solutions. In addition SharePoint 2010 introduces the Managed Metadata store as the enterprise tool for managing taxonomy. In this session you will learn how to add rich ECM functionality to your SharePoint sites using members of the taxonomy and document management object model. When you complete the session you will understand how to use the rich document management namespace.
Session Title: Seven Habits of Highly Effective SharePoint Developers
Session Code: SPC208
Speaker(s):  John  Rymer
Presented By: Analyst
Level: 200
Abstract: Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst John Rymer, who has led over 12 SharePoint workshops in 9 different cities around the globe, will share best practices and critical success factors for a SharePoint application-development strategy. Distilled from his client workshop experiences, best practices research, and an unprecedented new Forrester survey on SharePoint adoption and deployment patterns, John will highlight the people, process, and technology behind successful SharePoint development organizations – both on premise and in the cloud.
Session Title: Making your SharePoint Websites Sing on Smartphones
Session Code: SPC366
Speaker(s):  Chris  Auld , Gavin Barron
Presented By: MVP
Level: 300
Abstract: Chances are, you are either reading this abstract on your smartphone or have one in your pocket. This session will cover how to ship a great smartphone ready web site on top of SharePoint 2010. You’ll learn how to identify and target content at specific devices as well as how to re-purpose core site content. You’ll learn some HTML 5 techniques including methods to deliver rich media across all devices and finally they will address the designer-developer interaction as it relates to smaller form factors and device based testing.
Session Title: Developing SharePoint applications with HTML5 and JQuery
Session Code: SPC338
Speaker(s):  Ted Pattison
Presented By: Microsoft
Level: 300
Abstract: You should consider using HTML5 and JQuery to build a great user experience in your SharePoint applications! SharePoint provides a robust platform to build applications, many of which can use HTML 5 and jQuery. These types of applications are very flexible as they can be deployed in the SharePoint sandbox and run both on premise and on SharePoint Online in the cloud. In this session you will learn how to get started with SharePoint client side development using HTML 5 and jQuery.
Session Title: SharePoint Infrastructure for Geographically Distributed Organizations
Session Code: SPC388
Speaker(s):  David McNamee
Presented By: Microsoft
Level: 300
Abstract: SharePoint requires careful planning when it is deployed into a geographically distributed organization. This session will explore tactics and strategies to handle issues of low bandwidth, high latency, and unreliable connectivity. These will include the distribution of SharePoint services and the impact of client applications and cloud-based services such as Office 365.
Session Title: Developing and Getting the Most from Sandboxed Solutions
Session Code: SPC336
Speaker(s):  Michael  Ammerlaan
Presented By: Microsoft
Level: 300
Abstract: Want to learn how to get the most from your Sandboxed Solutions? This session will dive deep on what is possible and how to best take advantage of declarative solutions and sandbox code. We will cover things you never thought possible and teach you how to build applications that are as powerful as they are easy to deploy. Come and hear directly from a member of the SharePoint Developer team to hear insights and background on this quietly powerful tool.
Session Title: Advanced SharePoint Data Access with Silverlight
Session Code: SPC400
Speaker(s):  Robert German , Ryan Sockalosky
Presented By: Microsoft
Level: 400
Abstract: SharePoint and Silverlight make an unbeatable combination for building great web applications. In this session, you will learn how to develop these solutions more easily than ever with Visual Studio 2010 and SharePoint’s new client object model and WCF Data services. We’ll cover all aspects of data access from Silverlight in Sharepoint, such as how to deal with large datasets, working with shared services, piggybacking data on the web page, external data access and more.
Session Title: Solving Enterprise Search Challenges with SharePoint 2010
Session Code: SPC392
Speaker(s):  Matthew McDermott
Presented By: MVP
Level: 300
Abstract: As companies seek to deliver more value with fewer IT dollars they turn to SharePoint 2010 to deliver on the promise of “more for less”. SharePoint 2010 Search offers a great deal of functionality beyond simple document search that can be derived through configuration and user interface customization. This session presents strategies for handling special search scenarios like line of business data, images and video. This session also presents techniques for rendering metadata and presenting the result in a way that is actionable to end users. The tips and techniques are presented as patterns that can be used in many different search situations: Search Results Configuration Overview, Rendering metadata in search results, Video Search and Presentation, Creating a 360 degree view of your line of business data, Creating actionable search results.
Session Title: Generating Business Documents using Word Automation Services and Open XML
Session Code: SPC349
Speaker(s):  Scot Hillier
Presented By: MVP
Level: 300
Abstract: The process of creating Word documents is at the core of many business activities. Unfortunately, document creation often uses a tedious, manual approach involving copying content from existing documents and line-of-business systems. Such manual approaches are error-prone and time consuming. In this session, we will examine a complete solution for generating Word documents based on catalogs of pre-defined content elements and templates. The session will begin with a demonstration of the complete solution, which supports creating sales proposals from catalogs of content related to people, places, customers, and markets. Following the demonstration, we will take a deep dive into the document generation engine with an emphasis on Word Automation Services and Open XML. In particular, we’ll see how Word Automation Services can convert content into reusable elements, and then how Open XML can use those elements to assemble a document. Attendees will exit the session with great new ideas for streamlining the document preparation process at their organization.
Session Title: Access & Office 365: Rapid Cloud App Development on Office 365 with Access Services
Session Code: SPC301
Speaker(s):  Steven  Greenberg
Presented By: Microsoft
Level: 300
Abstract: Microsoft Access is the fastest, easiest way to build cloud apps for Office 365. These apps have all the great qualities you’d expect from Office 365 – anywhere availability, great reliability/security and a modern web user interface. And the app development experience is targeted for Information Workers, so you can build them cost effectively as well.
Session Title: Deep Dive on SharePoint Ribbon Development & Extensibility
Session Code: SPC402
Speaker(s):  Chris O’Brien , Andrew  Connell
Presented By: MVP
Level: 400
Abstract: Take advantage of the Ribbon in your SharePoint applications for a tightly integrated and great user experience! Developers can customize and extend the ribbon for custom solutions. In this session we’ll examine the different components of the ribbon as well as how to create page components, asynchronous callbacks and prompt the user with intuitive dialogs. Best of all you can do all this from the sandbox and avoid getting admins involved in deploying farm solutions!
Session Title: Data Access with Search and the KeywordQuery API
Session Code: SPC334
Speaker(s):  Phil Wicklund
Presented By: MVP
Level: 300
Abstract: Search and metadata is probably the most under-utilized technique for getting at SharePoint data. The unfortunate thing is this isn’t because there’s not potential; in fact the search APIs for SharePoint Search and FAST for SharePoint will blow your hair back with what’s possible. This session will provide a primer into the search APIs, as well as discuss real world examples of when search is the best data access solution.
Session Title: Step-by-step: Building Search Driven Applications That Matter
Session Code: SPC393
Speaker(s):  Scot Hillier
Presented By: MVP
Level: 300
Abstract: Search-based solutions are applications that use a search page as the primary interface, such as image or travel search in Bing.  SharePoint 2010 offers developers new ways to extend search and create search-based solutions and in this session attendees will learn to create solutions such as task management, calendar management, navigation, and cloud connectors. The aim of this session is to prove that a wide variety of customer requests can be solved with a search-driven app. Attendees will leave with many new ideas for using search to deliver end-user productivity.
Session Title: How Microsoft Built Academy, it’s Social Video Platform
Session Code: SPC353
Speaker(s):  Austin  Winters
Presented By: Microsoft
Level: 300
Abstract: Have you been considering ways to deliver more social experiences to your employees? Are you curious about how to design rich portal experiences that easily present both community and governed assets? In this session we will explore how Microsoft built Academy on SharePoint 2010 while leveraging social, search and enterprise taxonomy  to drive compelling solutions and content.

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