Upgrading to a new Windows Phone 8

I’ve been very excited about the release of the Windows 8 ecosystem. Here is hoping the promise of a unified environment where my apps and files are quickly accessible anywhere, including my desktop, a tablet and my phone are about to be realized. This is a huge shift, and if Microsoft is able to pull it off, they will definitely become a player in the consumer’s eyes.

I was an early adopter of the Windows Phone 7, so I am very familiar with all of the bumps in the road that occur as an early adopter. My first Windows Phone was an LG Quantum provided by AT&T. I absolutely loved this phone with one a few exceptions — the weight of the phone and the relatively small screen. Other than those two issues, the phone has performed well for two years and met all of my mobile phone needs. It was exactly what Microsoft promised, a smartphone centered around me. This has me excited about the next generation of Windows Phones.

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