SharePoint TechFest Reference Application Build 2

In part one of this series a simple solution was designed to expose data from a SQL database. However, one of the great things about LightSwitch HTML Client is the ability to extend solutions using jQuery and client side code. In this post, the solution will have some simply customizations made to the UI using jQuery. The solution will also have some simple branding applied using jQuery Mobile’s theme roller. Finally, the solution will be integrated with Bing Maps to display a map of the store.

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Release of the LightSwitch HTML Client Announced!

While I was presenting at the Dallas SharePoint TechFest yesterday, some exciting news was posted to the LightSwitch Team Blog — the LightSwitch HTML Client has been officially announced. This means those that attended the session yesterday can take what they learned and begin building SharePoint Apps with LightSwitch right now!

One of the things that I’m already exploring are the JavaScript snippets they posted along with the article. This is explaining a lot of the stuff I had to learn by trial and error.

SharePoint TechFest Reference Application Build 1

I recently presented at the Dallas SharePoint TechFest on the topic of building HTML5 Apps for SharePoint 2013 using LightSwitch. This post is the first in a series of posts that further explains how the reference application reviewed during the session was built. The reference application is a mobile facing application used by remote service technicians to track and update logged work orders in a SharePoint issues list.

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