SQL Report Viewer Web Part Issue

Recently, I was working with a colleague in a SharePoint 2013 On-Primesis environment to troubleshoot an issue when attempting to use the SQL Report View Web Part and a Content By Search or Search Results Web Part on the same page. To our surprise, the report viewer web part would not work with both web parts on the page.
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Using jQuery DataTables with Search Display Templates

The new display templates in SharePoint 2013 allow for some great flexibility for designers and web developers in presenting search results in almost any format desired. For a proof of concept, a client wanted to aggregate tasks from across SharePoint. The company manages multiple assets and would like to roll up all tasks for all users across all locations in SharePoint in a single location. We were able to accomplish this goal fairly easily thanks to the new search display templates available in SharePoint 2013. This project also makes use of jQuery and DataTables.

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