About Me

Chris QuickWelcome to SharePoint Dev Notes! This blog contains ramblings and information on things that I and the team I work with come across during our day-to-day work with SharePoint. I originally started another blog called SharePoint Application Development where I began publishing information on my findings in SharePoint 2007. In order to get a clean start, I decided to migrate the blog to this new site because of the wonderful options provided by WordPress.

I am a SharePoint consultant working with Artis Consulting, a Microsoft Gold Partner.

I have been working in the IT services industry for several years with extensive background in Windows Server Platforms. I began my career servicing small businesses and non-profit organizations utilizing less than 100 workstations. In 2002, I was comissioned to create a Web Content Management System for these businesses that would be low cost and easy to use. Within a year, our first clients were signed-up and using the system based on Classic ASP and SQL.

In early 2004, I was introduced to a platform that made a huge shift in my career path — SharePoint. I quickly realized the power of the platform and began focuses my efforts on learning and using the platform. In the last several years, I have completed everything from start-up installations, migrations and custom development on the platform.