Microsoft Access – Good for Prototyping?

Over the past few days, I’ve been intrigued by some of the creative solutions being offered via Microsoft Access and Access Services. This is an area that I had never really considered until I saw the following video:

In this short video, an Access solution is quickly demonstrated that made me wonder, how was this done? After sharing with my co-worker Ben McMann, we set off to find some ideas on how Access is being used. My first one lead me to the Access Team Blog:

Social Media Done Easy (Access Blog)

After a little more discovery, Ben gave me this link with some exceptional information:

The Access Show – Making Beautiful Access Web Applications

It looks like there are some real good examples of where Access can be used by Information Workers to create ad-hoc business solutions to solve some of their common day-to-day tasks. Now, it’s time to get Access Services configured on my Development Virtual Machine and start playing with some ideas!