Using hMailServer with SharePoint

Building VM’s for development is almost a necessary skill. One of the most difficult things to do is get all of the necessary services like email and active directory.

Here’s a great step-by-step guide from Chris Poteet describing how to set up a free email server for testing and evaluating the email capabilities for SharePoint 2010:

Using hMailServer with SharePoint.


Color Scheme Designer 3

I was working on a solution today and needed to quickly throw together a color scheme. This tool works very well and provides several options for creating compelling color schemes — at least for those of us that aren’t avid graphic designers.

Color Scheme Designer 3.

Resources: LINQ to XML for SharePoint Lists Web Service

I have been doing a lot of work with the SharePoint web services — specifically the lists.asmx web service used for working with lists in SharePoint.

Anyone who has dealt with this web service knows that SharePoint is happy to provide you with a lot of XML to parse. In an effort to make these easier, I began exploring the use of LINQ to XML since I’m not the biggest fan of writing my own XPath queries. In this quest, I came across two articles that were very useful and I hope you will find these useful as well.

Using LINQ to XML in combination with the Lists.asmx

This article describes how to use LINQ to XML in conjunction with the  GetListCollection() method of the lists.asmx web service. I made use of this in my client application to populate a combo-box.

SharePoint to Linq

Using this site, I was able to learn how to use LINQ to XML to build queries and anonymous types for data-binding list data to my client applications.