JSRender, SPServices and User Profiles

In a recent project I needed a way to quickly grab user profile information and include it in the context of a custom application for SharePoint. I decided that I wanted to make use of templating to render the HTML for the user profile, so this lead me to look up the various jQuery templating plug-ins. I was a bit disappointed to see that the Microsoft stubs have been abandoned as a lot of my initial searches returned examples using this plug-in.

However, I discovered a new templating engine that seems to be showing a lot of promise called JSRender. This provided some very simple semantics to create a reusable template. When coupled with SPServices and a little bit of creative code parsing, you can quickly declare reusable templates for client side scripts in SharePoint.
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Using the SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model to return user information

In a recent project, I needed a way to quickly get some additional details about a user from the user information list. The project is making use of search and in the core results the only item being returned is the display name of the author. Since I needed to get some more details on the user, I needed a quick way to lookup the user by display name from the user information list.

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jQuery Mobile and SharePoint

As an experiment, I decided to explore the use of jQuery mobile with SharePoint. My goal is to simply expose company news for as many mobile devices as possible in a single location. Like many organizations, our consulting firm delivers news internally via our intranet portal (based on SharePoint) and through public press releases available for anyone in the world.

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InfoPath over jQuery?

A recent project had my team asking some really difficult questions on what technology should be applied to a business problem. We had been tasked to create a specialized survey in SharePoint that would need to change based on the items selected for each question. The question would present five or six possible answers, but all other answers might need to be cleared if a specific answer was selected.

For example, the question might read “Who needs to sign-off on this project?” and include “Information Technology, Public Relations, Marketing, Executive Leadership and No Sign-off Required” as possible answers. The person completing the survey could select any combination of the first four options. However; if the person completing the survey selected No Sign-off Required, all of the other answers become irrelevant so they should be cleared.

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MS Word Special Characters “MAY” break SharePoint Web Services

Today I was working with a client to resolve an issue with a jQuery solution we provided several months ago. The solution is a policy and procedures site that makes use of several filtered views with jQuery providing some “enhancements”. The “enhancements” were being handled dynamically with jQuery and the SPServices library by Marc Anderson.

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