Setting Permissions on an Item to a Group with Nintex Workflow for O365

PermissionsActionBlockRecently, one of the summer interns at my company was tasked with creating an expense report solution utilizing O365, Nintex Forms for O365 and Nintex Workflow for O365. As the expense report moves through the approval phases, permissions need to be altered so the original report that has been submitted cannot be changed by the author. This allows the approver to review the expense report without alterations occurring after approval.

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Building Tasks using Nintex and the collection variable

A recent client wanted to see if there was a quick way to provide a set of common tasks for new employees joining the organization. Each new employee joining the company has a list of tasks they should complete to be properly oriented with the organization. In the current process, HR provides a recommended checklist to the employee and reviews key policies, but they have no way to know if the employee has completed the recommended checklist or to hold managers accountable for reviewing policies and procedures required of the new hire.
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