Validating Data with Data Macros in Access Services 2013

I’ve recently begun exploring the use of Access Services with O365 just to see what this new capability offers to businesses and developers. Overall, I’m really impressed with some of the complex things that can be done with Access Services.

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Microsoft Access – Good for Prototyping?

Over the past few days, I’ve been intrigued by some of the creative solutions being offered via Microsoft Access and Access Services. This is an area that I had never really considered until I saw the following video:

In this short video, an Access solution is quickly demonstrated that made me wonder, how was this done? After sharing with my co-worker Ben McMann, we set off to find some ideas on how Access is being used. My first one lead me to the Access Team Blog:

Social Media Done Easy (Access Blog)

After a little more discovery, Ben gave me this link with some exceptional information:

The Access Show – Making Beautiful Access Web Applications

It looks like there are some real good examples of where Access can be used by Information Workers to create ad-hoc business solutions to solve some of their common day-to-day tasks. Now, it’s time to get Access Services configured on my Development Virtual Machine and start playing with some ideas!