Handlebars + JSLink

First, I want to apologize for such a long silence. Project work and life in general has kept me very busy over the last year, so it has been difficult to find a time to write new content.

This article describes a specific scenario I experienced as part of my standard project work. It hasn’t been extended or tested for other scenarios (yet!). Handle with care.

Since the release of SharePoint 2013, I have been doing a lot of customizations utilizing JSLink on lists and list views. One of the things that I really do not like about JSLink is all of the string concatenation that tends to happen when building the output for your JSLink customization. It is not a huge challenge when you are working with a small template or limited output, but when you start working with complex HTML strings, it can be a bit unwieldy.
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Validating Data with Data Macros in Access Services 2013

I’ve recently begun exploring the use of Access Services with O365 just to see what this new capability offers to businesses and developers. Overall, I’m really impressed with some of the complex things that can be done with Access Services.

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Using jQuery DataTables with Search Display Templates

The new display templates in SharePoint 2013 allow for some great flexibility for designers and web developers in presenting search results in almost any format desired. For a proof of concept, a client wanted to aggregate tasks from across SharePoint. The company manages multiple assets and would like to roll up all tasks for all users across all locations in SharePoint in a single location. We were able to accomplish this goal fairly easily thanks to the new search display templates available in SharePoint 2013. This project also makes use of jQuery and DataTables.

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Hit Highlighting using Search Display Templates in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 introduces the concept of Display Templates, specifically for search based web parts. This replaces the need to make use of XSLT to modify the way search results appear. However, one of the challenges I faced with a client is the ability to show the key terms in a record that caused it to show in the results. Following the limited guidance and several blog posts, I was able to create my own display template for an external content type.
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